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Words of Deryo

The Will

The skill is in the will

Because you never give up.

Always honoring

The ability of your achievements.

Becoming wiser as you go

Each day developing

Your flow.

With peace, love and understanding

Being your guide.

So, will you continue?

To hone your will.

As you’re challenged

Each day

By many deals?

Will you

Believe in the Will?

That is true


In you


Always have the will to be Free,



I’d like to share

And it’s about feelings

That run deep.

Deep as the history

Of this country.

It’s full of hope and despair

And it’s wrapped in a conundrum

That has only the value

That each one of us

Puts on and in it.

This floating expression

That covers its genre.

Is one that is disguised

By the rumor

That misleads the truth.

It’s unfaithful and a lie.

But one day


The day

Reality and truth

Shows its face.

We will find

A society

That survives and strives

To greatness.

I wanted to share this with you

Because I have hope.

And I hope

You will continue to

Share in this hope also.

This is what I had

To Share

With you.


Really, keep it alive,





Always Will Stay

While watching T.V.
It occurred to me
You my love
Were not around.
I saw this movie
And it brought back to me
All the love
That we have shared.
Some how
Always will stay
Always will stay
Always will stay
In each other’s hearts.
I long to see you
To be near you
So once again
Our love can flow
I know in my mind
And in my heart
We’re never apart.
Some how
Always will stay
Always will stay
Always will stay
In each other’s hearts

True love, never ends,


You listen to learn

About all the things

You want to know about.

You listen sometimes

To the beauty

Of life that surrounds us.

You listen to believe

In the good things

We may not understand.

To listen

Is to be free

Of all the things

You may doubt.

Such questions as



And how come?

You can find the answers

If you just



Do you hear me?



Oh Lord

The sun rises
We look for light to come
The moon also rises
Sleep we all get some

I come to you
With a heavy heart
I ask for you to bless us all
Oh Lord

She goes with you
And she stays within my heart
Believe me
We will never part
So I come to you
With a heavy heart
I ask for you to bless us all
Oh Lord

For Sweet and Lo,


Moving Fast

Moving fast as I go

And trying with all that I have.

Never to step on

Another’s dream.

Even though it may seem

That with speed

You do achieve.

But it’s with

Truth and love

As you quickly

Chance to dance

Is what makes

A positive plan.

You see

Even though you feel

You’re only doing for you.

But in that

Positive plan

It’s built

For all of us

To stand.

So, watch me

Since I now know.

I’m going to





Faster than the speed of Right,





The Pressure

Trying very hard to relieve the pressure.

At first look

I thought all I needed to do

Is gesture.

That would have been

Simple, yes?

But as always

What you need


Where you need to be

Isn’t always simple.

So, on this attempt

To elevate the pressure.

I will do as I’ve learnt

And never let the pressure turn.

Turn to stress

And not be able to see

What is in front of me.

Because this time

I will truly be divine.

And say

What pressure?


Stay in control,







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